Glow In Pink With Rosa Hydration Oil from Mint Skin (Find A Face-Scrub DIY Recipe Inside)

Mint Skin Rosa Hydration Oil Review Gleambase Gleam Base review

Hello beautiful! How's your weekend? Hope it is wonderful as mine 💚

I spent my Satuday with a new book from Garance Doré; Love x Style x Life and I think the book is so inspiring. Garance honestly told her career and personal journey- from dreaming to be an illustrator (and her parents' did not give her their blessings) until she became a prominent figure in the fashion industry through her amazing sense of art and grit. If you are looking for a new book to read, I would recommend this one. Believe me, it's an artsy book with great advices inside (P.S: the book is totally different from Alexa Chung's "It"). 

Alright, now, back to Mint Skin. From all the beauty products that I have used, I worshipped face oil more than moisturizer or creams because of their pure and active ingredients is highly powerful and results-driven. Before this, I have tried and used several face oils, but for the day-time face oil, I am still in the process to find the best one. It should not leave a shiny-plastic finish and easily absorbs under makeup application. Until, I found Rosa Hydration by Mint Skin.  

This is an Australian brand that I accidentally found through Urban Outfitters when I was looking for an additional face oil for my dry skin. The packaging is so lovely and attractive (and would be a great addition for my bathroom shelf), so I decided to take a peek further about their products. This brand was launched back in 2016, and according to their website; Mint Skin's goal is to unleash inner sparkle through natural ingredients that works for everyone without hefty price tags. I read about the Rosa Hydration's ingredients and really want to try the product.

At first, I would like to buy the product through Urban Outfitters, but the shipping cost from USA to Indonesia is so ridiculous; USD 20 when the product's price itself is USD 22 for 15ml (LOL). Finally, I bought the Rosa Hydration oil from Mint Skin's website directly with a rational shipping cost. The package arrived quite fast, around 14 business days from Australia.

Mint Skin Rosa Mint Hydration Review Gleam Base Gleambase
Mint Skin Rosa Hydration Oil

Rosa Hydration made by several mix of powerful oils and rose extract. It also has a lovely-tube box and a beautiful white-rose gold pink packaging. When I first opened the cap, I can faintly smell of rose and sweet-honey like. The oil color is a sheer of yellow-gold, with a right amount of thickness. It's not to thick yet not too watery. Up until today, I have been use this products for a month.

I tried to apply the oil on day-time before I am applying my makeup, aaand I am so happy with the results. It easily absorbs onto my skin, blends well with my gel foundation and and gave an instant hydration that last for almost half-day. Most importantly, although it is an oil, the product did not make my face shiny and becomes oily. Aside, I did not any negative reaction as well such as redness, pimples or sebum appears after use this product during four weeks. I also use it in my PM skincare routine and on morning after, I feel that my skin became more plumping and bouncy. 

One of the hack that I can do with this product, is also to create my own face exfoliator or scrub because I love the smell and the amazing oil-blends on Rosa Hydration, to get a healthy glow on my face. Here are the recipe for one-time use and all natural face exfoliator: 


  • 1 table spoon of honey (I prefer to use raw-manuka honey or if you don't have it, any kind of natural honey will be work just fine),
  • 2 table spoon of pink himalayan sea-salt (I am using Dr Gram Himalayan Salt),
  • 1 full drop or 1 dessert spoon of Mint Skin Rosa Hydration Oil.

How To Make & How To Use

  • Mix all the ingredients vigorously in a clean bowl with dry whisk or spoon,
  • Apply all over face and neck, gently massage it in circular motion, 
  • Wash off with warm water and wipe with clean towel,
  • Voila! Can you spotted those healthy-rosy skin? *dance in the bathroom* 

Based on Mint Skin's claim, the oil is suitable for every skin types, including the sensitive (unless you have an allergy on rosemary extract) and oily; because of the light-weight texture. I would say, Rosa Hydration face oil is a perfect opponent for Tatcha Gold Camellia Beauty Oil. Their ingredients is totally different, but however, the texture is so similar. It's lightweight, easily absorbs by skin, make my skin hydrated all day long without shiny finish.

The main difference, Tatcha Gold Camellia also use gold flakes in their products; so it more luxurious. Mint Skin, in the other hand, is the affordable version of Tatcha with the similar results to hydrate the skin. If you want to experience Tatcha's Gold Camellia Oil, I would suggest you to try the Mint Skin Rosa Hydration first to see whether you like the results, as the price more affordable. Believe me, this oil will bring you a huge smile because it does works on your skin  ✨ 

Personal ratings: 10/10 
(+) ~85% natural ingredients, lightweight oil texture, fast absorption and not leaving shiny finish, lovely packaging, 
(-) None. I am happy with this product and will continue to use it

Recommended for skin type: All skin types

Pregnancy safe-level: Considered very low risk during pregnancy (see full ingredients below and please consult with your doctor before using this product) 

Full ingredients: 
Caprylic/Capric Trigylceride (mixed triester derived from coconut oil and glycerin, Caprylic mainly works as an emollient, dispersing agent and solvent),
Jojoba Oil,
Safflower Oil,
Avocado Oil,
Macadamia Oil,
Rosehip Oil,
Evening Primrose Oil,
Natural Vitamin E,
Vitamin C IsoPalmitate,
Olive Oil,
Rose Geranium Oil,
Soya Bean Oil,
Rosemary Leaf Extract,
Sunflower Oil,
Calendula Flower Extract,
Datem (emulsifier, chemically synthesized from soybean oil),
Rose Absolute (oil, typically be produced through steam distillation).