Glowing Skincare Products Giveaway (CLOSED)


Are You Ready For #gleambasegiveaway?

Yayyyy! It is finally here! Oh-My-God, I am so excited to share the very first #gleambasegiveaway with you today. As promised, I will give you several of my favorite beauty products (that I personally feel these products does work on my dry-sensitive skin).

As I told you earlier, this giveaway is held to celebrate the global #skincarecommunity. I am very thankful for everyone that made my short-skincare journey became more meaningful. I have met several wonderful people that kindly enough to let me know about the clean/green skincare products when I did not know nothing. I also very grateful that this community is so close-and tight-knit. I feel like I have found a second family. 

Now, about the giveaway, before you entering please do read the rules and details carefully. Let's begin, beautiful! 😍 

Giveaway Rules & Details

  1. Giveaway products are not sponsored/related by principal brands or principal brands promotion/brand campaign. @gleambase made the purchase by itself for this giveaway.
  2. One (1) winner will be chosen to win several products below. The skincare-giveaway hampers will be consist of:
    - Drunk Elephant Mini Size Rise + Glow (B-Hydra Intensive Gel & C-Firma Day Serum), size 8ml each,
    - Hylamide Low-Molecular HA Multi-Depth Rehydration Booster, size 30ml,
    - Youth To The People Superfood Youth Duo Mini (Age Prevention Cleanser & Age Prevention Moisture Cream), cleanser size 29.5ml & moisturizer size 14.5 ml,
    - Sensatia Botanicals Seaside Citrus Sea Salt Body Scrub, size 100gr.
  3. Eligible for SEA, US, AUS, IND, UK & EU residents, and must be over 18 years of age and older to enter this giveaway. If the winner is under 18 years of age, after winner selection, @gleambase will choose another winner through automated name/ID generated machine.
  4. Winner will be chosen based on real-people/real Instagram ID. @gleambase will check thoroughly and remove the duplicate IDs/BOT/Fake Instagram ID during the winner selection process.
  5. Each entrant could choose to do a "single-entry" or "triple-entry". See the "how-to" below. 
  6. If there is any, customs taxes/government/all federal, state and/or local income and other taxes, it will be the winner’s sole responsibility.
  7. Hampers/products shipping fee to winner's address is @gleambase responsibility.
  8. Prizes/products are non-transferable and may not be redeemed for cash.
  9. By entering the giveaway, each entrant acknowledged and agreed that @gleambase is not responsible for any negative side-effect related to the giveaway product used/personal injuries, damage to, loss or destruction of giveaway products after shipment process. Regarding the usage of giveaway products, @gleambase strongly encourage each entrant to patch-test first before fully use the products.
  10. Winner selection process is an absolute decision by @gleambase and cannot be affected by any other parties' judgment.
  11. Giveaway will be open until December 8th 22.00 PM GMT+7, and the winner will be announced on December 9th at 21.00 PM GMT+7.

How To Enter? 

You can enter the #gleambase giveaway and choose to do a "Single-Entry" or "Triple-Entry" to increase your chance to win the giveaway.

  1. "Single-Entry" means that your name/ID/Instagram Account will be count as one (1) entry on the automated-name-generator machine. Single-entry:
    • Follow @gleambase Instagram account and like the giveaway Instagram post.
    • Tag your two (2) Instagram friends on the @gleambase giveaway post and give the short reason why you should win the giveaway.
  2. "Triple-Entry" means that your name/ID/Instagram Account will be count as triple (3) entry on the automated-name-generator machine. Triple-entry:
    • Follow @gleambase Instagram account and like the giveaway Instagram post.
    • Tag your one (1) Instagram friends on the @gleambase giveaway post.
    • Repost one of the @gleambase giveaway product photo on your Instagram Stories with hashtag #gleambasegiveaway & tag @gleambase Instagram account as well, and finally,
    • Go to and comment on Gleam Base giveaway/this blog-post. Please recommend or tell me what should Gleam Base review for the next product review or any topic that you wish to know/hear on "sister-talk" section on Gleam Base blog post. 

Please see the products below to see whether it will suitable for your skin goals or skin type (please do the patch-test on your skin first, if, you win these babes):


1st Giveaway Product: Drunk Elephant Rise + Glow

What is it?

  • Daily serum for your skin. Suitable for all skin-types.
  • These serums are solutions for dryness, dullness and uneven texture, loss of firmness and elasticity.
  • B-Hydra is formulated with molecular size in mind. This lightweight gel has a pH level of 5.5, and is ideal for all skin types. 
  • C-Firma has a reservoir effect, which means it will stay active on the skin for up to 72 hours, and cannot be washed or rubbed off. It has a pH level of 3.3.
  • This set contains 0.27 oz/ 8 mL B-Hydra™ Intensive Hydration Gel and 0.27 oz/ 8 mL C-Firma™ Day Serum.
  • Use it up within six months of opening.
  • Please see the ingredients here.

How to use

  • B-Hydra™: 
    -Apply to face, neck, chest, hands, or any place on your body needing increased hydration. 
    -Mix with any serum, cream, or oil to lock it in. 
  • C-Firma™:
    -In the morning, apply evenly to clean, dry face, neck, chest, and back of hands. 

2nd Giveaway Product: Hylamide Low-Molecular HA, Multi-Depth Rehydration Booster

What is it?

  • Hyper-strength rehydration serum with 5 forms of hyaluronic compounds to target visible skin rehydration at multiple levels, suitable for all skin types.
  • This serum is alcohol-free, silicone-free, nut-free and vegan with pH level 6.00-7.00.
  • Please see the ingredients here.

How to use

  • Apply once or twice daily as adjunct skincare to offer short and longer-term below-surface and surface rehydration, and for a plump, youthful and comfortable skin appearance. Can be used as part of any skincare regimen before the application of moisturizers and/or makeup. 

3rd Giveaway Product: Youth To The People Superfood Youth Duo Mini

What is it?

  • An antioxidant-packed superfood cleanser paired with a lightweight, superfood-enriched moisturizing cream for a balanced, healthy-looking complexion. 
  • This product perfect for all skin types, especially to those who aim to fix dryness, loss of firmness and fine lines.
  • This cleanser and cream are 100% vegan, never tested on animals, perfect for all skin types, and is free of synthetic color and synthetic fragrance.
  • Please see the ingredients here.

How to use

  • Youth to the People Kale + Spinach + Green Tea Superfood Cleanser:
    -One to two times a day, wet face and neck, put a small amount of cleanser into hands, and rub together to lather.
  • Youth to the People Kale + Spinach+ Hyaluronic Acid Superfood Cream:
    -Apply to face and neck.

4th Giveaway Product: Sensatia Botanicals Seaside Citrus Sea Salt Scrub

What is it?

  • 100% natural body scrub locally made in Bali, Indonesia. This scrub contains sea-salt, french green-clay, Africa shea-butter and mixed-essential oils blend (lavender, rosemary & white grapefruit).
  • This product is paraben-free, phthalate-free, silicone-free and sulfate-free and also cruelty-free and suitable for all skin types.
  • Please see the ingredients here.

How to use

  • Massage product into a wet skin, paying special attention to elbows, knees & cuticles of both hands & feet. Rinse off, repeat if desired. 

I hope you guys are very, very, excited as I do! I can not wait to hear whether you like these products or not on your skin 😆

Thank you so much for your kind and warm support so far for @gleambase, and, I wish you the best of luck for the giveaway. See you later on December 9th for the winner announcement 💚

P.S: I will announce through Instagram Story and Instagram Feed ☺️

Thank you so much to everyone who has entered #gleambasegiveaway and gave bits of advice for the next "Sister Talk" contents. Congratulations Dearest @Sharfina for winning the giveaway! I promise I will hosting more giveaways in the future.

Hugs and lots of love -